one - sided love

by - 10:00 PM

From what I have learned, one-sided love is very untouchable. No one can break it. No one can be your competitor, except you, yourself. You can end it whenever you wanted. You know what, one-sided love will always be one-sided love unless the other person feels the same as you are. Once you know you are clapping with one hand, lets not be negative. Take it as positive as possible. There must be reasons why they aren't feels the same way as you. When you are attracted to someone, every time your eyes catches them, you feel happy, right? Even though you are not talking to them, you only see them from afar. And because of this, no one can ever stop and break you. You can LIKE them as much as you wanted, you can LOVE them as long as you wanted, and you can do anything for them like offers your help and etc as mush as you wanted, IF THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY, go for it, until you can finally accept the reality and move on. As long as it makes you happy, be positive and keep the good vibes. :)

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